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Kim Kardashian Debuts Hermes Bag, Custom Painted By Nori

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

After a spending less than 48 hours apart, Kim Kardashian (who had been in London) and Kanye West (who was in New York and San Francisco) reunited in their hometown of Los Angeles on Monday. when the duo headed to the family office in Los Angeles we couldn’t help but notice Kim’s handbag!

For her afternoon out, the 34-year-old wore a white bodycon dress, grey overcoat and finally showed off her customized Hermes bag, hand-painted by daughter Nori! Kanye gifted his wife with the precious parcel for her 34th birthday last month. A bright orange handprint stood out as the defining feature of the multi-colored design—but this is the first time we’ve seen it!

Kim previously spoke to Us Weekly about the gift: “Kanye had a box [with an Hermes purse in it] and I opened it up and it was all painted really cool. And on my computer was this message that said ‘Play,’ and it was a video of my daughter sitting outside painting the purse. I had thought it was this new artist who had painted this purse, [but] it was my daughter. It was amazing.”

First Angelina Jolie’s hand-print wedding veil and now this? We can’t handle all these accessories being defaced!  We get wanting to show love for your child but painted hand prints should be on a fridge not luxury items!

The high-profile pair has had quite a whirlwind week, jet-setting around the world together and separately. Last week, the duo were photographed out on the town in NYC—but spent the weekend apart. Now the mostly inseparable couple is back together—and with their powers combined—Kimye has been fully restored to its full A-list power!

Kim and Kanye Dine Out In NYC In Matching Balmain Blazers

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kimye is oh so matchy matchy! On Thursday night, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stepped out to dinner in New York City, and the dynamic duo both wore full-breasted black Balmain blazers adorned with gold buttons, which was clearly no accident. Seeing as Kanye pulled his off rather effortlessly, we have a feeling it was his idea to be twinning with the wifey.

Kim, who paired the look with her fave pair of Hermes suede heels, definitely needs to look in the mirror before leaving the house, because that blazer doesn’t seem to fit very well. And umm ... is she wearing anything underneath? Is that a dress? Is that a jacket? WE DON’T KNOW!

We have a feeling that Kanye had the final say in these all-black, tan shoe ensembles!

And we should probably be on the lookout for Nori in one of these blazers as well, seeing as Kimye’s pal Olivier Rousteing sent the tiny tot several mini versions of Kim’s must-have jacket. Kim posted a pic of the other day and wrote, “OMG!!!!! Look what @olivier_rousteing sent North! Thank you @BalmainParis for these little custom jackets to match mommy!!!”

We just wanted you to know—we are rolling our eyes ...


Kim Kardashian Is Falling Into Autumn WIth Grey Ensemble

Monday, November 3, 2014

Grey matters to Kim Kardashian. The reality star showed off her famed bod in a tight grey knit dress and heels for an outing with Kanye and her grandmother Mary Jo Campbell on Sunday.

The famous family, who opted for the More Than Waffles, in Encino were looking quite on point in their Sunday best. For the lunch, Kim donned a Ribbed-knit dress by Alexander Wang ($325) a pair of oh-so-trendy Alexander Wang Ankle-Strap Antonia Sandals ($475), an Hermes bag and Saint Laurent sunglasses.  Kanye was looking super cool in an all-black outfit.

These two are just way too cool for school!

Kim Kardashian Ushers In The “Era Of The Big Booty” With Her Curvy Ensembles

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sir Mix-A-Lot may have brought it to the masses and Jennifer Lopez may have popularized it—but we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is the queen of the big-bootied babes!

In the so called “Era of the Big Booty” (thanks Vogue), Kimmy K has turned out to be Buttmaster General, showing off her fine form in a plethora of bum-hugging ensembles on the reg.

Over the weekend, Kimbo certainly pumped up the volume on her booty-baring couture.  On Saturday, the hot mom showed off her butt in her ripped jeans shorts and backless sweater. And then on Sunday, all eyes were on her a$$ with her PVC pants when she stopped at The Grill restaurant in Calabasas.

We aren’t sure if we think Vogue is right—they may just be trying to kiss Kim’s butt, but either way, with the onslaught of curvy gals with junk in the trunk like Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, there’s not denying the fact that ladies with large behinds are definitely taking over the world!

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