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Vanessa Hudgens Goes Bright And Bold For Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Vanessa Hudgens Harpers Bazaar ArabiaVanessa Hudgens covers Harper’s Bazaar Arabia‘s December 2012 issue, and the Spring Breakers starlet looks amazing all glammed up! 

We see her in gym clothes almost every single day, so we sometimes forget how stunningly beautiful she is!

The 23-year-old wears everything from Lanvin leather gloves to a plunging green velvet Gucci dress, and she also strikes a pose in a hot pink Dior skirt and top combo. 

She may look like a supermodel (or a Kardashian, you decide) in these sexy snaps, but Vanessa will look anything but gorgeous in the upcoming movie Gimme Shelter, where she plays a homeless teen. 

Vanessa famously cut her hair and gained about 20 pounds for the flick, and of her startling transformation, she tells the mag, “I had to chop off all my hair and live in a pregnant woman’s shelter for about two weeks before we even started filming to get me in my headspace. It was a bit of a shock.”

She added, “It’s a world that I’ve never had a chance of looking into, let alone be a part of, and I remember calling my mom on the first night, and I was like ‘Mom, what have I gotten myself into.’ It was a lot of fun after I got past those initial feelings of shock at the environment.”


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