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To Boxer Braid Or Not To Boxer Braid, That Is The Question For Khloe

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Should she or shouldn’t she?

First, there’s the issue of appropriating black culture - are they cornrows? Boxer braids? Does it matter—should a white girl be wearing her hair this way at all?

We’d like to think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Khloe Kardashian doing her own faux-blonde take on a traditionally African-American hairstyle is just that.  But the question then remains, does it look good on her ... or on anymore, for that matter?

There’s no doubt Khloe has a beautiful face, nice bone structure and of course her makeup is always on point, but pulling all the hair off the face in this way and creating what amount to stripes down the sides of the head is a tough look to pull off for anyone. 

Khloe chose this hairstyle for a recent trip to Cleveland to visit boyfriend Tristan Thompson, wearing all-black sweats with a black coat, lace-up heeled booties and carrying super-expensive Louis Vuitton luggage.  We’ll give her props for this put-together, dressed-down travel style, but we’ll take away just a few points for the braids.  Sorry, Khloe!


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