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Selena Gomez Should Know Better Than To Wear A Shredded Sweater

Monday, February 11, 2013

Selena Gomez slit back top photos Akira Steve Madden shoes knee socks

Selena Gomez was snapped at the recording studio the other day, and at first glance we loved her look, but after getting a peek at the back of her Akira Black Label slit back detail sweatshirt ($65), we’re gonna have to charge her with a fashion felony.  We’d MAYBE let Miley Cyrus get away with this, but not Justin Bieber’s on again/off again/on again lady love!

The marled grey tunic is super cute with these Free People Popcorn thigh highs ($20) and Steve Madden Gretell booties ($150), but just the other day we saw Shauna Sand wearing a shredded top very similar to this, and if you’re a hot young twentysomething, you def don’t want to be compared to that stack of sillicone!

Selena accessorized with a cross necklace, a Dolce & Gabbana Miss Escape black leather purse ($1,195) and a Cooperative Boucle Eternity Scarf ($34).  We have faith that she’ll pick out a better outfit next time … maybe someone at her prayer group will say something?

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