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Kim Kardashian Enlists The Help Of A Dumpy Skirt For Army-Inspired Ensemble

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Apparently, Kim Kardashian is pulling a Pauley Shore and is in the army now—or at least that’s what Kimbo’s unfortunate, military (not-so) chic ensemble is telling us.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wore a whole lot of olive green while filming scenes from her reality show in Ventura on Wednesday. And we are definitely not feeling this ensemble.

Maybe Kim is enlisting in an army comprised of overly entitled reality stars? Perhaps Kim, Snooki, Flava Flav, Brett Michaels and all the Teen Moms are in a secret allegiance together? Maybe each reality star is wearing their very own distinctive olive-green ensemble (think Destiny’s Child but in camouflage), and are readying themselves to combat anyone trying to oppress the good old U.S. of A. Yes, a secret reality-star society trying to save the world is a stretch—but Kim Kardashian did appear on the cover of Vogue—so really anything is possible.

While Kim has recently been looking more stylish than her overly done-up days of yesteryear, we all know that for the past two years, Kanye West has had a watchful eye on her style, aka Kanye knows that Kim couldn’t dress herself if her life counted on it, so he dresses her himself. Clearly with Kanye out of town, Kim is left to her own fashion devices—and the outcome does not look good.

From the baggy Tom Ford silk top, to the high-heeled, studded Balmain hiking boot and unflattering olive-green leather skirt—this ‘80s-meets-army ensemble is a just a big ole mess. And look at the back of that skirt—Kim looks like she is wearing a saggy diaper!

We think Amy Winehouse said it best when she sang: “No, no, nooooo!”

Hey Kimbo—drop and give us 20! Okay nevermind ... too much work, maybe just take a nap or something.


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