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Hilary Duff And Rebecca Gayheart Go For A Fashionable Grocery Run With Their Little Ones

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rebecca Gayheart

Hilary Duff hit the grocery store in Beverly Hills looking like a fashionable mom on-the-run. 

The 25-year-old former Disney darling, wearing floral jeans, red moccasin-style booties and a black sweater, held on tight to baby boy Luca ... who also stayed warm in a black beanie.


Duff recently Tweeted,  “Btw I officially have a crawling baby!! It’s cray cray!!! That maniac is allll over… grabby and demanding as hell annnnnnd WE LOVE him!!!”

Rebecca Gayheart also hit the grocery store looking comfy ... wearing a striped blouse, skinny jeans and motorcycle boots.  Her 11-month-old daughter Georgia was all smiles in a denim top.

These ladies make motherhood like oh-so-good!

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