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Heidi Klum Launches New Active Wear Collection For New Balance

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heidi Klum

We can’t wait to rock supermodel workout clothes!

Heidi Klum has collaborated with New Balance on a new active wear collection, and if the promotional images are any indication, these wares are going to fly off the shelves!

In one of the shots, the German stunner wears a cowl neck hoodie as she gives a fierce pose, and in another she strikes a yoga pose in a racer bank tank.

The line, which will be sold exclusively at Lady Foot Locker stores in the U.S., includes cover-ups, skinny tights, capri pants, racer back tanks, shorts, and hooded tops.

“I live an active lifestyle and love running around whether it’s outside on the streets of New York City or in the canyons with my dogs. I’ve created pieces in my collection that are functional and flattering with a fashionable twist. I want women to look good in their clothes even when they are working up a sweat,” the Victoria’s Secret catwalker explained.

There’s no doubt in our minds women will look amazing in her creations!


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FDA Wants to Regulate Some Use of the Internet and its Taking on Facebook’s “Like” Button
The Food and Drug Administration is expanding its regulation of the Internet.
It’s latest incursion? FDA is taking on a drug company’s use of the “Like” button on Facebook.
I wrote last week about a warning letter that FDA issued to a drug maker over that company’s use of a search bar on its web site. FDA faulted the firm for improperly linking disease queries directly with drugs that the company marketed.
Now FDA has taken action against a dietary supplement maker that used Facebook to “Like” an unapproved claim regarding one of its products.get on Facebook
Taken together, the warning letters show that FDA is ramping up its regulatory activity over the use of Internet tools by regulated companies.
The FDA has been pressed to issue explicit guidance on how it intends to regulate Internet advertising (and social media in particular). But the agency has resisted. It seems that FDA’s policy on Internet promotion is going to unfold in the same manner that the agency has traditionally laid out its regulatory policy over advertising and marketing — piecemeal, one warning letter at a time.unblock facebook
FDA has historically been reluctant to publish clear guidance when it comes to how it regulates promotion.
In its latest Warning Letter, FDA cited a multitude of serious violations against the marketer of a drug product called Poly-MVA. The company had sold its product through the use of testimonials that were not substantiated by good science, according to FDA. One seemingly blatant abuse, still found on the company’s website when Gaffney checked, was a testimonial from a “Mr. Doug Wray,” whose improper endorsement suggests that by taking Poly-MVA, he was cured of his multiple myeloma.facebook proxy
The offending post has since been taken down. But FDA’s interpretation that a “Like” implies endorsement could be a precedent-setting action, says Gaffney.
The same policy could be extended to other uses of social media tools, making companies weary of engaging at all. For example, will companies be held liable for social content generated by independent users of their sites? Under the emerging outlines of FDA’s policy, it seems that FDA would hold sponsors accountable for all the content on their sites, including content generated by independent users.
All of this would be better understood if FDA was willing to define a policy, publish it, and defend it. With clear rules, good actors would stay within the boundaries.
But FDA may be on shaky legal ground when it comes to how far it wants to extend its oversight onto these Internet tools. So the agency will prefer to trickle out its policy slowly, one Warning Letter at a time. Eventually, a clear pattern will emerge. Moreover, by embedding these novel Internet warnings into letters aimed at reckless firms that have broken other rules (and won’t evoke much sympathy) the FDA is likely to avoid challenges from the recipients of the letters, or from outside observers. The dietary supplement makers that FDA has targeted with these Internet warnings make easy targets.
In the meantime, the individual warnings start to shape a more comprehensive framework. FDA gets to make its policy and never even had to stake out what its principles are, or defend its right to regulate these areas in the first place.

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