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Gossip Girl’s Costume Designer Shares His Favorite Fashions From The Series Finale

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gossip Girl wedding dresses Georges Chakra

Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman chatted with People Magazine about his favorite fashion moments from the series finale, and not surprisingly, he loves the wedding dresses Blair and Serena wore.  “Serena descending the staircase in her gilded Georges Chakra wedding gown is a moment to remember forever,” he tells the mag. “And Chuck and Blair (in Elie Saab) finally in wedding blues.”

“Each episode, each character, each outfit were all significant to the series — I loved dressing them all,” he continued. “You can’t play favorites when playing with such a beautiful cast — after six years they become your family.  I’ll cherish the wonderful, fashionable, madcap moments we spent together trying on designer duds and playing dress-up,” he shares.

On building up the ladies’ wardrobes, Daman says, “With the success of the show spanning a full six seasons, it offered an incredible opportunity to develop the styles of the characters very fully, and over a long character arc for each.  As obvious as the choices seemed to become, they also became more specific, and more exciting to discover. As [the characters] grew up and evolved, their style followed suit.”

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