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To Boxer Braid Or Not To Boxer Braid, That Is The Question For Khloe

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Should she or shouldn’t she?

First, there’s the issue of appropriating black culture - are they cornrows? Boxer braids? Does it matter—should a white girl be wearing her hair this way at all?

We’d like to think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Khloe Kardashian doing her own faux-blonde take on a traditionally African-American hairstyle is just that.  But the question then remains, does it look good on her ... or on anymore, for that matter?

There’s no doubt Khloe has a beautiful face, nice bone structure and of course her makeup is always on point, but pulling all the hair off the face in this way and creating what amount to stripes down the sides of the head is a tough look to pull off for anyone. 

Khloe chose this hairstyle for a recent trip to Cleveland to visit boyfriend Tristan Thompson, wearing all-black sweats with a black coat, lace-up heeled booties and carrying super-expensive Louis Vuitton luggage.  We’ll give her props for this put-together, dressed-down travel style, but we’ll take away just a few points for the braids.  Sorry, Khloe!

Diane Kruger Masters Weekend Style

Monday, January 16, 2017

Diane Kruger’s fashion is always on-point, but when a stylist is dressing your for a red carpet it doesn’t express the sense of individualism that an unplanned, un-constructed weekend look does.  If a celeb can pick the right pieces out of their closet that’s overflowing with high-end labels and too much to choose from, then that’s a REAL sense of style and Diane’s got it!

The German blonde strutted her stuff in a herringbone coat, layered with a faux fur leopard-print collar and a pink hoodie.  Those are not the first patterns and colors most of us would chose to put together, but it works and it gives her dressed-down, Saturday coffee-with-a-friend look a serious boost. 

She keeps the lower half monochromatic with black skinny jeans with a ripped knee and some seriously cool biker boots with buckle detail.

She tops it off with a Miu Miu Lux Madras bag, which retails for $1400.  And hair and makeup?  No on the makeup and unkempt on the hair ... but she looks amazing!  Leave it to a European to remind American women that sometimes natural beauty is the best accessory.

Kim Kardashian Gives New Meaning To Ripped Jeans

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

You’ve gotta hand it to her ... even with her new stripped-down style, Kim Kardashian continues to innovate.

The reality star enjoyed a dinner date with hubby Kanye West Monday night and she upper her denim game after a less-than-perfect showing a few days ago at the Hotel Bel Air in her disastrously destroyed denim.

Last night, Kim created a trompe-l’oeil with lace pantyhose under her ripped black jeans.  She rolled the bottoms and paired the pants with black suede pumps and a black hoodie.  Her most significant accessory—her new lip ring.  And of course we’re digging the long, straight hair extensions.  The piercing’s faux, the hair is faux—but we say FAB!

What do YOU think of Kim’s layered denim look?


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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Kanye West Wears His New Adidas Yeezy Design!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Kanye West gave us a pretty good look at his new Adidas Yeezys yesterday and we LOVE ‘em!

The first thing we noticed about Kanye at his office yesterday were those shoes—those shoes! The thick-soled, grey, midnight blue, and black design, accented with a touch of orange, would catch anyone’s eye—there’s nothing else like it on the market today.  Which leads us to believe these are 100% his new Yeezy prototypes. 

There’s the faint hint of the Adidas three-stripe on the light grey upper body of the shoe; there’s no more Boost or tubular sole, no more Primeknit sock style.  These are a straight-up new design, going in a new direction and, we thing, will solidify Kanye as not only a designer, but a real force in activewear AND designer of top-shelf, collectible shoe wear for Adidas.  Yeezy’s right—he makes big money for companies who not only leverage his name, but his impeccable sense of style.

Kanye paired the new kicks with the classic Adidas three-strip track pants and he’s been tucking the legs in his socks as of late—all the better to show off his Yeezys. 

The top of the toe has a swirled midnight blue design; the laces appear to be glow-in-the-dark and the grey has a felt look that takes the shoe out of the typical sports shoe and gives it a fashion edge.

When these drop, we’ll be first in line ...

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Kesha’s Boho Chic Bombs

Friday, January 6, 2017

Kesha never keeps it simple!

The pop star wears high-end pieces, but the look falls flat ...  Kesha carried a $2500 Burberry Maylandsea Bridle bag yesterday when she touched down at LAX, paired with a 60’s vintage coat and $1000 Chloe Soya ankle boots.  We love her ruched chiffon dress and $200 Miu Miu Culte sunglasses.  She’s even got a turquoise necklace under those blonde locks.

There’s a lot going on here—love it or leave it??


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